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Story Junkies Podcast

Sep 11, 2023

What would it be like to be in NYC on September 11, 2001? Not only was now-retired New York City Police Department Sergeant John Ferriso there that day, he was on duty. In this powerful episode John gives us his first-hand account of what he experienced on that horrific morning, the citizens he encountered, the feelings he had, and the aftermath of New Yorkers in the weeks and months that followed.

To share even more details and to ensure that no one ever forgets that day, he wrote a short-story titled New York Minute: An Officer’s Eyewitness Account of the Events of September 11, 2001. During this chat with Rachel and Lisa he shares how and why he wrote the piece. You can read the story in its entirety on his website under the "short stories" heading:

John now has his own Private Investigation Company, Ferris Investigations, specializing in Missing Persons Cases. John volunteers his investigative experience to nationwide nonprofit organizations conducting missing person investigators. He helps other investigators with their missing investigations and looks at new aspects of cold cases, while assisting family members in finding answers.

In this Story Junkies episode he even tells us what it's like being a private investigator - and he says it's nothing like what we see on TV!

Connect with John on LinkedIn:

P.S. We even got into a fascinating convo about John's New York accent and our resident professional linquist Rachel shares some fascinating info about the art of language! So much fun!