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Story Junkies Podcast

Jun 29, 2023

In this episode you'll meet Pamela Thompson, a professional facilitator who lived and worked in Afghanistan for a year to help the Ministry of Public Health develop their first strategic plan.

Hear all about it, including how she manifested the opportunity, what the Afghan people were like, how she navigated the language barrier, how she stayed safe in such a volatile environment, how she managed the stressful conditions, and how she knew at 4 years old that she was destined to work internationally someday. 

As a bonus, the facilitation process and strategies that Pamela used with the ministry may also help your team or organization improve business results, teamwork, and efficiency. 

Rachel also shares a little bit about her British background, where she thinks she got her love of travel from, and her tips for traveling internationally. 

Learn more about Pamela and her books at